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Ria Ward

Age: 36

Height: 5ft 3 inches

Weight Off Season: 9st 10lbs

Competition weight: 8st 11lbs

Favourite Body-part: Legs

Favourite exercise: Lunges

Favourite Training method: Tabata HIIT intervals

Occupation: Personal Trainer, Online Trainer, Prep Coach.

Place of work: JD Gym Rochdale. Online work from home.

My mother was British my father Dutch. I am a British citizen and was born and raised in Lancashire where I currently live with my family.


I am dedicated hardworking mother and a wife, with a deep love for fitness, competing and a living a healthy lifestyle. I built my career within in the fitness industry, being a Personal trainer/Nutrition specialist/ Online Coach & Competition prep coach, this enables me the pleasure of now passing on my knowledge and helping others to reach their goals and encourage others to follow their dreams, no matter how big they are.


I started training with my husband in 2008, my husband was a keen weightlifter and  bodybuilder. My first experience of the gym was a hard-core iron environment, The Powermill Gym in Middleton, the dark edgy and a male orientated environment didn’t faze me. Within 6 months the transformation within my body was amazing, I became stronger, leaner and added muscle. I found a new interest in healthy eating, experimenting with foods, eating properly to fuel my workouts, my skin, hair and energy had improved also, I was hooked!


My life then changed completely, moving from being a full time mother and housewife to studying to become a personal trainer. To become a personal trainer I had to do many hours of research about health and fitness, my family benefited greatly from this, our fridge and cupboards filled with healthy foods and exercise had become the centre of our lives.


My husband and I attended a bodybuilding show to watch and support a friend in 2008, I was amazed and truly inspired by the beautiful figure girls that were competing that day… from that day forward I had a dream, a goal and wanted it more than anything, to become a figure competitor. My motivation soared; and I started making necessary plans of action that would finally get me what I wanted.


In 2009; 1 year after I started training, I entered my first ever competition, Miss Nabba Toned UK, I took the title that day and that 1st place qualified me for the Nabba British Finals in 2010, where she Placed 2nd  in Briton, giving me an automatic qualification for the NABBA British finals in 2011. In 2011 I changed my look by adding more muscle and coming in leaner into the finals I placed 6th as I didn’t quite fit the criteria on the day. I did not let this result get me down, as my ultimate goal was to compete with the UKBFF as a body fitness competitor. Which was a much more developed look. To achieve this I knew I had a lot of work to do, to be able to have a winning chance. I took a full 2 years away from the stage to make improvements before competing again.


During this 2 years off UKBFF Federation had changed the criteria for body fitness and wanted a much softer look, as they were making way for the New Physique category. Once I dieted down I was getting feedback that I was too muscular, that I should enter as a physique competitor. I was not convinced, I was afraid my petite frame wasn’t big enough for that class, so I decided to follow the original plan. And  competed as a body fitness competitor at the UKBFF Nationals Leamington Spa April 2013, and did not place in the body fitness category.  But immediately was asked to step back on the stage that day but as a physique competitor. I had to pose completely different to how I had practiced and had to think on my feet to compose a routine in the 10 minute time I was allowed to prepare for the stage. I did my best, which was of course good enough and I WON :) It felt amazing, I loved it, I really loved the posing, the routine made me feel like I was able to show off all of my hard work and it was a lot of fun, I felt like I was born for physique!  


My next goal was to then work on making improvements for the UKBFF British Championships. Again working hard I focused on my goals. I competed in the finals on October 20th 2013 and won my class beating 22 women and becoming the first ever UK physique champion, next step was Ohio, The Arnold Classic Show 1st March 2014 where unfortunately I didnt place, the standard was so high and I had a lot of work to do in order to meet that high standard. So back to the drawing board and I decided to take a few years off to work my ass of in order to meet the criteria to compeate against the best of the best.. My next goal is to hit the stage again in 2017 bringing my very best yet!!