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Why choose Rhia Ward to help you reach your goals above any other fitness professionals or prep coaches? Well we hope if we explain a little about “who we are” you may see why we are an excellent choice to help assist you on your journey.


We care: simply put we are not just in this to “make a living” this is our passion and our own lifestyle. When we met in 2010 we bonded very quickly and became Best Friends, as we share the same high standards within our work, the same morals and fitness passions. We get endorphin highs, when talking to others about our fitness theory’s and can talk for hours when sharing our knowledge. We started our business as we wanted to share our knowledge and experience, we love what we do and our company and our customers mean so much to us.


Our experience: we have over 15 years working experience within the Bodybuilding-Figure – Health & Fitness and supplement world. We both are fully qualified to dispense training programs and share various nutritional qualifications and PT certificates, as well as specialist training certificates. We are professionals at what we do, we put client health and wellbeing above all else.


Approachability: we pride ourselves on being approachable at all times, we are always on hand to answer any questions or simply help keep you focused during your process, just compile any questions and contact us via email, we always respond within 24 hours in our working times.


If you fall off the wagon or struggle, We do not scold or “tell off” clients. For what would be the point of that? It is your journey not ours… we just give you the tools and support you need to succeed and be able to tackle issues head on!


Realistic pricing & bespoke plans: we do not believe that generic plans truly help you achieve your full potential. They can be a great cost effective way for a beginner, but to take your physique to the next level you need something that is based on: your fitness level, your imbalances, your previous programs, your lean mass, YOUR GOALS! So with us, when you pay for any of our Fitness or nutritional plans they are tailored to you and your needs. So you have one of our trainers assess your information, then decide what training method is appropriate for you and compose a program.  For our nutritional plans calculate what calories, carbohydrates, proteins and fats you should consume. Decide and compose those calories and macros into a meal plan. This takes time, experience and effort, so it is reflected in our pricing structure. We educate ourselves regularly, attending courses and self-educating on new nutritional methods, we pride ourselves in staying ahead and keeping our fingers on the pulse in the fitness industry!