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In Your Home Workouts



Sign up now for these amazing home workouts…  do you want to exercise but cannot find the time? Is childcare an issue or an extra expense that you simply cannot afford? Are you unhappy with the way you look but haven’t got the confidence to go into a gym? Are you unsure of what exercises are best for fat burning and cannot afford a personal trainer to show you 3 times a week? Read on!!!!

Why should I sign up for IN YOUR HOME WORKOUTS?

They are fun
They will improve your fitness and long term cardiovascular health
They will melt away fat and improve your bodies shape.
They will fire up your metabolism allowing you to burn many calories per session and keep you burning more calories for the rest of the day!
No gym is needed, so no issues with child-care, cost or travel.
Work at your own pace, in your own environment.
Variety, you will have 3 different workouts to do each week.
New workouts each month, every month you will receive new workouts so you never get board of your IYHW

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for motivation and exercise demonstrations.

What do I need?

First month:

A mat or a towel to work on
A gym boss timer or download a interval/tabata app on your smart phone

2nd month onwards:

A pair of light weight dumbbells (5kg)
An inflatable gym ball.
Resistance band.

All this for just £20 per month……paid via paypal automatic subscription payments; you are not tied into a contract and may cancel at any time.